Sep 1, 2019 7:12pm

Live Trading Vs Demo Trading: Learn the psychological differences

As a beginner trader, you are always encouraged to practice demo trading before live trading. With Demo Trading, you can master core trading skills, create a trading plan, manage proper risk management, and try to understand trading psychology (at least we hope!) on the trading line.

Suppose that once you are in a consistent profitable position and have built your confidence in participating in live trading, you have decided that you will be able to open your live trading account. Since you have already won consistently over a demo account, the risk of making huge profits with the same amount of money in real risk is very difficult, shouldn't it?

Wrong! When most newbie traders come to live accounts from the demo, they usually believe their demo trading results can be easily replicated to a real account. Because of that, some become very frustrated when they realize that this is not always the case at all. There are a few reasons:

1. Real meaning means real emotions

As a traders, we try to be emotionless when making trading decisions. However, one can never fully control one's emotions and this cannot be helped when real money increases the risk of earning money from risk. For example, compare how you felt when you first set up your live trade with how you were trading in a demo account.

Did your vibration get faster? Did your hand tremble a little? 

If so, you've either gone crazy with joy or you've got a push of extra anxiety when you start live trading!

2. There is no real financial risk to the demo account

Even if you try to treat your demo account as a real one, there really is no real financial risk to the demo. You can suffer a few losses here and there, but, in the back of your mind, you know that you can pay your demo account at any time with fake cash.

If you have made many mistakes in a demo account, then you can easily take the comfort of a fresh start. And it puts you under pressure. By contrast, trading real money can hurt your trading confidence and subsequently fog your trading decisions. You don't have to go through this foggy situation if the price action forex trading course is done.

3. The temptation to sin trading is strengthened in live trading

As you are dealing with real financial risk, you will begin to invest more emotionally to improve the outcome of your trade. As a result, greed will be much stronger to get back into your bad trading habits. When you feel that you have finally overcome these habits, then you can find common trading sins, like your trade transactions, such as removing your stop losses, cutting off your winning trades, and trading revenge. For some traders, they create new problems by completely ignoring and disregarding their desires and their trading plans to prove that their live accounts can be just as profitable as their demo accounts.

So how do you deal with this difference? A good way to bridge the gap between demo and live trading is to apply the same mental state of mind as you have practiced emotionless trading on the demo account. You can do this by focusing on the trading process rather than focusing on profitability. Take one trade at a time and stay firm on it with a focus on your plan and proper risk management implementation. Make sure you can afford to lose up to that amount. It can relieve some of the stress and allow you to focus better on your trade.

Another good way to replicate your demo trading success is to have good trading habits, much like writing a trading journal. Write down what's happening in your live trades. How are they different from your usual demo trade? Are your responses and trading decisions different when you are trading with real money? What can you do better than this?

The essence

The mistakes you usually make to a live account may not be the ones in your demo. You will get an accurate idea of ​​the problem you need to emphasize as you work. Launching live trading from a demo is difficult and often leads to the loss of early trading, but that doesn’t stop you from coming back. You just handle the trade lightly and make sure you are aware and fully prepared for the emotional commitment required for live trading.

Aug 25, 2019 4:16pm

Why  Forex is your first choice?

New things are happening all the time in our lives,we are learning something new to livelihood or need to know. Forex is now an integral part of our lives (for those who are fully or partially involved with Forex trading). If a young trader is asked, "Why Forex is your first choice", the reasons he can show you are -


You can start trading Forex with a small amount of capital and this is the number one advantage of Forex. When you can deposit about $ 10,000 to start trading stocks, you can easily start trading with a deposit of $ 100. This is one of the most important benefits for small traders in forex.


Are you know, Forex trading is the biggest liquid market in the world. Because there is a constant of supply and demand for money. One of the most advantages of Forex trading is that the market is open 24/5 hour/day. This means that you don't have to adjust your schedule to wait for the market to open, you can trade all day. Under normal market conditions, you can easily trade outside your position, as there is sufficient supply and demand in the forex trading market. If you have done the good trading strategy, trading will be as easy as water.

Technical development

Software development is certainly one of the most important things about Forex trading. Forex brokers offer new trading platforms. Third-party software providers provide a significant amount of useful trading extensions.

Short business

One of the main advantages of the Forex Marketplace is selling currency without first earning the currency. According to the main business theory, profit is to buy low and sell high, but on Forex you can sell high and buy low. This way, you can potentially gain on both downward and upward trends. Although this applies to smaller stocks, it is more complicated. Meanwhile, if you believe that the trend is going down, you can sell assets with just one click. The best forex trading signal provider like PIPSLOVER is on your side with their various signal offers.


When it comes to trading, the rule is - the bigger your capital, the larger your trade size. When the leverage is deployed, a trader can buy or sell a fund 500 times more than it can afford. That way, you can easily generate even more substantial profits (or losses) without having to invest a great deal.

With the above five main forex trading benefits, Forex is bound to be your first choice. Of course, there are more, but the above is most important, especially for beginners.

If you are a professional trader, you will probably be aware of the major advantages listed above and you will also understand the risks of forex trading. Let's see why Forex is their first choice for professional traders -


MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 are integrated with MQL signals, so successful traders can easily sell their trading signals to any trader using the MetaTrader software. This way, you may not be able to earn your income directly from trading, but you can generate additional revenue indirectly.

If you have a good trading strategy that results in positive and consistent results, then MQL signals can benefit you. It is the largest market for trading signals that many sellers and even more buyers have.


Like most markets, you will need to obtain a license for these activities in order to publish Forex trading signals to investors. If you want to provide investment advice or trading signals for stocks, you need to be licensed, and this process is quite expensive. But keep in mind that if you have a license, people's confidence in your signal increases.

Account Management

Being a Professional Forex Trader, you can become an Account Manager.The main difference between managing a signal and account is that your volume is not compensated with the signals. Otherwise, when a signal is transmitted, a person copies your business with $ 100 and another person trading with $ 100,000 pays the same price. You can build your own flexible compensation system while managing someone's account. Such as a system success can be based on fees, volumes or other factors.

See Forex account management as a way to increase the number of funds available for trading. Similar to trading leverage, this fund allows you to generate bigger deals and potentially generate higher profits. You should always check the applicability of certain laws with your broker that apply for EAs and account management offers as this can make the difference in the jurisdiction.

Loyalty program

Forex trading signal providers often expose themselves as expensive service providers. They provide you with continuous trading position signals and they rarely return anything to clients. From Forex Trading Brokers you can expect a dedicated account manager who is always there to assist you.

The essence

As a professional, Forex trading is a smart move. You will get all the help and guidance you need from an account manager and become a signal provider or trading account manager by your own skills and you can earn extra revenue from your trading. Easily accessible and professional Prime account in Forex market starts at only 1000 USD, so don't hesitate to apply for one.

Forex will show you a whole new world of trading to offer and trade in abundance - a world where technology has no limits. Just be sure to test your trading strategy in a risk-free environment before taking a dive.

Aug 18, 2019 5:12pm

How will your experience help in Forex trade?

Forex market is a risk market. From this market you will not be able to succeed if you have no real education and trading experience on trading. The trade is lost as soon as you make a trade in this market, because when you open a trade in this market, the broker's spread count becomes. But if you do not understand forex trading well then your loss may be up to the balance. So, here are some helpful tips so you can trade safely:

Share the experience:

Share your experience with other traders for trading in the Forex Market, but follow your own experience, trade strategy and personal judgment. Although you can get good trade ideas or information from an experienced trader, you are ultimately responsible for your investment decisions in trading. So take the ideas or information from the experts and take the decision to trade with your ideas. If you trade in two accounts (demo) for this, then the experienced and your trade idea will understand the difference and success.

Use proper margin:

Use the margins carefully if you want to secure your profit or success. By using the right margins, you can achieve significant profit or success. If you use margins indiscriminately, you may end up losing more than you expected. You can make better use of the margin when your position in the trade is towards success and many times you can use it to cross over from the deficit or loss in your strategy. Price will help you.

Avoid Auto-trade:

Many traders buy automated system (robots) for trading, so sometimes they get averagely profit and pay the entire loss at the time of loss. All these robots are made by human and you are also a human being, so why rely on such an auto-trader to invest in your own business without understanding it? Practice in a good broker demo account without using a robot and verify your trading experience.

Caution in picking lots:

Select an account package at a good broker to verify your trade experience and how much you expect from the trade. In this case, you must be honest and acknowledge your limitations. You should not trade large lot size at the beginning of live trade. Of course, this applies more to low leverage accounts. Generally, trading in a practice account with less risk is good for beginners. Before you invest more (lot) in trading, trade slowly at lower lots and verify your success.

If you do not have good knowledge and experience about Forex trading, and want to learn to trade correctly, then trade in a demo account or gradually learn from the live market by investing less in a live-mini account to learn the trade completely. You can get help from the This is a very easy way to gain experience without having to ask anyone.


As you increase your trading experience, you will also be able to increase the lot size of your trade and be more successful / profitable.Instead of patience and all your education and experience, you'll be able to reach your desired goals at one time. Be sure to apply your learning experience during trading.

Aug 9, 2019 3:39pm

Valentine's Day and Forex Trading 

There is no end to the global celebration with Valentine's Day or Love Day.That's why PIPSLOVER like the touch of love. Is there a correlation between love and forex trading? Are there any similarities? Let's take a look.

Do we plan on getting the person we love? If you are a boy, do you like all the girls you know. Want to love? Of course not. Only if someone is good you will not love him or her. Every human being has some expectations of his own. And the mind must also have something in common with you. Likewise, all trading currencies and currency pairs are not the same. In one man you will not get everything, so in a currency you will not get everything. The euro’s has good stability, but the euro does not move as fast as the pound. Again, trading Australian dollar news is relatively easy, trading Euro News but not as easy. So if you want to find the currency of your choice as a favorite person, you must first understand what you really want. Such as, news trade lovers would prefer the Australian dollar or the Japanese yen, and for ordinary traders, the euro will be preferred probably. If You might like a gentle, polite, shy, lucky girl, and married a quarrelsome, unattractive girl, so life will be like a storm. Likewise you like to trade stabilize currency, and go on trading an insane item like Bitcoin. As a result you loss everything.

There is a great similarity between Forex and love. And that is Emotion. Love starts from Emotion, but Extra Emotion is not good at all. Such as suicide for a lover by becoming more emotional, again  the more the breakup is due to it. Most of the people are very emotional at the beginning of forex trading. As the beginning of love cannot be think without looking by the person who is in love, the new traders can not be without trading at the beginning. And as a result, the trade will be more mistake. Again we do not want to lose a loved one at all, we get mad at the beginning of the situation like losing, so the new traders do not want to lose at all in trade, just wants to win. So it is very important to control the emotion, whether it is in the relationship, or in the trade itself.

 Love is breakup but it is often the result of own wrong decisions. Someone we don't want to compromise, always want to win. But in order to sustain a relationship, many times many things have to be sacrificed. There are many things to accept.Only then did the relationship become more beautiful. Just like that in Forex trading. We take many wrong decisions when trading. We do not want to agree to trade with profit-loss, quarrel with the market, trading strategy and money management. Finally we have to breakup with forex trading by zeroing the account.Like relationship's patience we can trade better if we comprehend small mistakes and loss, we can correct ourselves by learning from past mistakes.

Now, two tips of Valentine's Day for Forex Traders:

Gifts: Giving gifts to loved ones on Valentine's Day has become a tradition. Needless to say, if you do not give a special gift on this day, you will see the fire-eye. So forex traders can dedicate some of their trade to gift to loved ones. That is, you can plan on giving a gift to a loved one with the benefit of certain trade. But if you are losers in those trades, then needless to say.

Less trade or do not trade on Valentine's Day:

Although there is no need for a separate day for love, every day is a day of love. But every day is no longer a special celebration. However, a separate day has been established, so this day Forex traders can give their loved ones extra time by not sitting in front of a computer monitor. It is better to do less or not trade this day. Giving time to the beloved people will bring joy and motivation to trade better.

Finally Valentine's Day,  but for everyone. Not just for lover or spouse, love day is for parents, friends, relatives, neighbors. Therefore, there is nothing to neglect the Valentine's Day  with the lover. Let's spread the love for everyone. Besides, I wish there would be a bit more love allocation for PIPSLOVER. Love for all.

Aug 2, 2019 4:10pm

A good trading strategy characteristics

Today we are going to discuss more valuable part of the Forex,. So, lets jump on the journey. Trading strategy is the most common phenomenon of the Forex. At first, we have to know what’s the trading strategy? It’ mean that, how do you trade, a complete trading plan. Of course, you should have proper rules for your trading. Hence, if you are going to buy or sell, you must have got specific reason for that. A good trading strategy definitely tells you, when you should go for buy & sell or abstain from the trade.

 A good trading strategy must have the below characteristics ;

---- When you do buy or sell or refrain from trading.

 --- It gives you the exact proportion of volume/lot size per trading.

---- What amount of risk you can take in each trade ?

 ---- A good trading strategy must figure out your stop loss/take profit/trailing stop.

 ---- How many trades you can execute in together.

--- Why you should go for trade now? & you have to do buy or sell.

Every trader has a different style of trading method . Some of them continue their trade to watch an indicator, someone tries within price action & noticeable thing is that, there are so many traders, who execute their trade only see the market price of a particular pair. But if you have a perfect trading strategy, then you will not have to face this kind of dilemma  like do I go for buy or sell ? You don’t need to ask someone & need not buy a signal for your trading. Because you should know how to make signal, if you have proper trading strategy. You can sell your Forex signal as well. ( But keep it in your mind, if he will loss, definitely he blames you)

 Most of the traders follow the indicator, so at first let’s talk about the indicator based trading strategy.

Here is the example no.01

Please check out the below chart:

Here you can see red line. It is moving average line. Suppose, it is our trading strategy. Moving average indicates the market trend. When the candle will close above the red line, its indicates the buy signal, & if the candle close below the red line, So, we can say that , it’s a sell signal. You made a trade & got some profit as well. ( please note that, it is not working always) We will talk later on, how can you make your signal more risks free. If anyone asks now why did you go for buy, why not sell ? Then your answer will be your trading strategy. Your trading strategy told you to do it. From now on, you don’t need to trade by only your guess. This trading strategy will tell you , it is the right time of the buy or sell. You will run your trading in that way. Is it not good for trade than your guess trading?

 Example no. 02

Now we will add extra indicator with moving average to more accurate our signal.

Parabolic indicator has added to the chart. Now these Two indicator, what they tell we will do it. If they say sells with together, then we will do it. If they say for buy with together , then we will be going for buy. But if these Two indicator indicates different signals separately, then we will refrain from trading. In parabolic indicator, when, dots stay below the candle, its indicates for buy, but when it is in above the candle then it is a sell signal..

                                           Please check out the below chart.

Write Here...

Please see, moving average stayed in above the red line, & parabolic indicator showed dots stay in below the candle. It’s seems both candle is pointing out for buy signal. These are just examples. This is shown for understanding..

Exit from the trade :

So, your trade is open now, gets some profit as well. Here, the main point is when you close trade ? How much profits, you will close our trade, 10 pips, 50 pips or more ! Or your trade going to losses, so how many losses, you will accept ? 10 pips? Or you will wait until 200 pips loss. Hence, you should have proper rule to get out from your trade.

 It depends on your money management. Suppose you have deposited $1000. You want to take 5% maximum risk on your every trade. Then, we can say that, you are ready to lose maximum $50 on your each trade. If you want to set up 50 pips stop loss then your pips value will be $1. But if you want to set up 100 pips stop loss, then your pips value will be 50 cents.

 Now come to the point, why you have to close your trade :One reason may be, you have already got your targeted profit. So, you don’t need to more profits. You should close trade now. Another reason is that, market trend may change, so there is a chance to reduce your profit, or loss may increase further. So, you should close your old trade, & try to catch the new trends. Loss trade will convert in profit, hope this in that way is such a foolishness. The reason for fear is that, many traders in Forex market, they think that their loss trade transformed in to profit that’s why they consume a huge loss. So, you should follow always your trading strategy .

 How to set up your stop loss : You can set stop loss according to the support, resistance & pivot point. You can set fixed 30/50/100 pips stop loss, but most often this type of stop loss is the reason for loss.

 How to set up take profit : You can set take profit alliance to support, resistance & pivot point. You can also set take profit fixed 30/50/100 pips. As a trailing stop you can set 15/25 pips. Trailing stop will automatically set the points of your trades while trade profit will increase with a fixed number of pips.

How much do you trade in together :It depends on your trading system, how many trades, you will do together. Please keep in your mind do not trade more than 5% of risk. If you want to trade with different pairs at once, to keep an eye of your risk, (all of your trades) so that it should not more than 5% of your account balance. Overall don’t give any chance to lose more.

Last words :

Now, you know how to trade. When you are going to buy & sell or refrain from the trade. While trade will close to lose or how much profit you should take. These elements are your trading strategy, If you not trade in accordance WTH the trading strategy it’s mean that you will lot closer to lose. Now pick your right weapons from Forex arms & create your own trading strategy. You can test other strategies, those are good, add this in your strategy & make your strategy more developed & share with us. You can ask questions if you have any query. Stay with pipslover. Com. 

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