Aug 9, 2019 3:39pm

Valentine's Day and Forex Trading 

There is no end to the global celebration with Valentine's Day or Love Day.That's why PIPSLOVER like the touch of love. Is there a correlation between love and forex trading? Are there any similarities? Let's take a look.

Do we plan on getting the person we love? If you are a boy, do you like all the girls you know. Want to love? Of course not. Only if someone is good you will not love him or her. Every human being has some expectations of his own. And the mind must also have something in common with you. Likewise, all trading currencies and currency pairs are not the same. In one man you will not get everything, so in a currency you will not get everything. The euro’s has good stability, but the euro does not move as fast as the pound. Again, trading Australian dollar news is relatively easy, trading Euro News but not as easy. So if you want to find the currency of your choice as a favorite person, you must first understand what you really want. Such as, news trade lovers would prefer the Australian dollar or the Japanese yen, and for ordinary traders, the euro will be preferred probably. If You might like a gentle, polite, shy, lucky girl, and married a quarrelsome, unattractive girl, so life will be like a storm. Likewise you like to trade stabilize currency, and go on trading an insane item like Bitcoin. As a result you loss everything.

There is a great similarity between Forex and love. And that is Emotion. Love starts from Emotion, but Extra Emotion is not good at all. Such as suicide for a lover by becoming more emotional, again  the more the breakup is due to it. Most of the people are very emotional at the beginning of forex trading. As the beginning of love cannot be think without looking by the person who is in love, the new traders can not be without trading at the beginning. And as a result, the trade will be more mistake. Again we do not want to lose a loved one at all, we get mad at the beginning of the situation like losing, so the new traders do not want to lose at all in trade, just wants to win. So it is very important to control the emotion, whether it is in the relationship, or in the trade itself.

 Love is breakup but it is often the result of own wrong decisions. Someone we don't want to compromise, always want to win. But in order to sustain a relationship, many times many things have to be sacrificed. There are many things to accept.Only then did the relationship become more beautiful. Just like that in Forex trading. We take many wrong decisions when trading. We do not want to agree to trade with profit-loss, quarrel with the market, trading strategy and money management. Finally we have to breakup with forex trading by zeroing the account.Like relationship's patience we can trade better if we comprehend small mistakes and loss, we can correct ourselves by learning from past mistakes.

Now, two tips of Valentine's Day for Forex Traders:

Gifts: Giving gifts to loved ones on Valentine's Day has become a tradition. Needless to say, if you do not give a special gift on this day, you will see the fire-eye. So forex traders can dedicate some of their trade to gift to loved ones. That is, you can plan on giving a gift to a loved one with the benefit of certain trade. But if you are losers in those trades, then needless to say.

Less trade or do not trade on Valentine's Day:

Although there is no need for a separate day for love, every day is a day of love. But every day is no longer a special celebration. However, a separate day has been established, so this day Forex traders can give their loved ones extra time by not sitting in front of a computer monitor. It is better to do less or not trade this day. Giving time to the beloved people will bring joy and motivation to trade better.

Finally Valentine's Day,  but for everyone. Not just for lover or spouse, love day is for parents, friends, relatives, neighbors. Therefore, there is nothing to neglect the Valentine's Day  with the lover. Let's spread the love for everyone. Besides, I wish there would be a bit more love allocation for PIPSLOVER. Love for all.