SYED MOAHMOOD HASANJun 29, 2019 12:41am


This is a common question for new trader. How much you pay for house rent per month? Its depend on you income .like forex, investment also depends on you. My first deposit 10

dollars when I am a student. That times my ability to lose maximum 10 dollar in a month, so I   started   trading in cents account. All most three year I lose but it doesn’t create any problem in my personal life because I know my lose comfort limit.  

At the beginning of trading my account become zero most of month. So I waited for next month deposit. That time I learn risk

management. After two years I am able to tread whole month. I had a good quality, that’s I dot borrow money for trading. I had enough idea about the risk of trading. So there is no question of trading with borrowing money. It is best not to borrow money or sell a lot of money by trading. Maybe you are a student employer or business man but at the end of the month there is a calculation.  How I expend my next month?

Many times, many old traders also say, 'If I could deposit 5000 or 10000 USD,   I want to  told them that you are ready to lose this 5000 or 10000 dollar all? They said why we lose all money we are experience, if lose it will 500 or 1000 USD. This type of experience traders comfort zone only 500to 1000 USD. Why you need so many dollars?  Big Deposit is not big deal when you Trade with Leverage.  And this is the difference between an experienced and inexperienced trader. So before making a deposit, be sure   you comfort zone of lose.