Jun 30, 2019 11:21pm


Want to be a full time trader? You have to remind some important eleme

Want to be a full time trader?  You have to remind some important element.


There are lots of full time trader, who are involving forex market. If they are getting profit to forex market on a regular basis, many trader wants to be an full time trader. But the market condition is not the same all time. If you want to trade regularly, you have to face sometimes small losses.If you will decide to be an regular or full time trader its seems like you are ready to take risk, & you have got well preparation to deal with that risk.

 So let’s   see, in order to be a full time successful trader, what are major things you have to remember?

1. Always follow a discipline

Discipline is the most important element, who wants to be an successful trader. Left out discipline, you cant think about a full time trader. In the long run of trading, you may often take a lot of wrong decisions due to greed.Bear in mind,  Forex  is a place where you have no scope to greedy, Then you  have to be brave also. And you must have stayed in one plan or strategy.  There are no field to do  mistake in your plan.Even if you have faced any kind of loss, you can survive in the market, just by the strength of this discipline. Most of the traders who left out the market for their lossess, The main reason is that the lack of discipline.

2. Confidence will be restrained:


To be a functional full-time trader, you must have enough confidentiality on your trading system. If there is any lackings in your self-confidence level, then you will lose your decision making ability.  In that case, you may take a wrong selection.

Dont  lose your Confidence level after you have owned  a loss. Keep your focus and mind on to the market.Always keep that in your mind,  we recognise him or her as a good trader who know how to recover his loss.  And you must have carry confident level about your Loss Recovery.

3To have control over yourself :

However, you can’t control of the Forex market. But if you wish, you can control a lot of your trade decisions. If you control below mentioned things you will do well :

 1. You can control your entries.

2. You can control how to manage your trades..

3. You can control when you comes out of the market

Basically, these types of controls are part of your strastegy. So, we can say like that, you should have control over yourself!.

When you active in the market,  you have to control your emotions. If you have lost a number of trades frequently, you should not lose your control. Many trader trades more to recover their losses, but ultimately thave got a more chance to lose their valuable money.