litonJul 12, 2019 3:40pm

    Psycological Hard Talk About Forex    

Did you face this type of situation, as one of your trade turned into loss suddenly, or didn’t it happen, like you could get a good profit in your first trade, but next trade went to loss unexpectedly? Yes, perhaps, the answer to the above two questions is yes or positive. Normally, there will be two reasons behind this matter, you didn’t able to pick the right time for trading & in your second trade, you couldn’t able to forget your first trade memories. Or there also so many reasons. Psychologically or mentally when people do work continuously in such a good way then they have some imbalance in them & It's resulting mistakes. However, today we will discuss mainly, how important time for trading, its work pattern & how to use time in good trades. you should keep in your mind, you never avoid losses, either less or more. but we have to know that, how to keep yourself safe from big losses & do positive trades.

 Why I face loss after getting a good profit ?

If we get a profit in one trade we feel so happy, its normal matter, but after that most of the cases, traders failure to bring success like before. Yes it is psychological matter, & it's called “Dopamine.” If it is not used properly, people go back their previous addiction & made a wrong decision then they face a big loss. Its mean that, when you get a profit in one trade than you want to do more trades, your subconscious mind tells you go for trade! Go for trade! & you make an extra trade also, because you have got “Dopamine” in your brain high scale, & until the brain is high, you never understand, whether its risk, or it is safety. You will do the same thing, as the brain want, it's the normal behavior of brain. We know that, as high leverage is double- edged sword alike dopamine. It’s totally depended on you. You have to control your brain as it’s not getting change in negative wave. For this reason, you made wrong decision repeatedly by uncontrolled of dopamine, & finally you are bound to face loss.

Solutions :

 You already understand that, after profit trade, its so much easy to fall in loss in your next trade. You have to understand & control the emotion- fueled/dopamine fueled trades. We will give you some tips below how to get out from these types of loss trading :

---- Select a fixed trading standard.

---- Do not break the trading standard

---- You have to make right trading plan.

 ---- Understand the brain chemistry & execute your trade in that way.

 ---- Go for the new trade according to dopamine fueled position.

Here we discussed so many things as if you never make a same type of mistakes in your real life trading. Because There are so many good traders who fail to create a right mindset  & fall into unnecessary losses & they become frustrated for the lost of their earned profit.