Aug 9, 2019 3:39pm

Valentine's Day and Forex Trading 

There is no end to the global celebration with Valentine's Day or Love Day.That's why PIPSLOVER like the touch of love. Is there a correlation between love and forex trading? Are there any similarities? Let's take a look.

Do we plan on getting the person we love? If you are a boy, do you like all the girls you know. Want to love? Of course not. Only if someone is good you will not love him or her. Every human being has some expectations of his own. And the mind must also have something in common with you. Likewise, all trading currencies and currency pairs are not the same. In one man you will not get everything, so in a currency you will not get everything. The euro’s has good stability, but the euro does not move as fast as the pound. Again, trading Australian dollar news is relatively easy, trading Euro News but not as easy. So if you want to find the currency of your choice as a favorite person, you must first understand what you really want. Such as, news trade lovers would prefer the Australian dollar or the Japanese yen, and for ordinary traders, the euro will be preferred probably. If You might like a gentle, polite, shy, lucky girl, and married a quarrelsome, unattractive girl, so life will be like a storm. Likewise you like to trade stabilize currency, and go on trading an insane item like Bitcoin. As a result you loss everything.

There is a great similarity between Forex and love. And that is Emotion. Love starts from Emotion, but Extra Emotion is not good at all. Such as suicide for a lover by becoming more emotional, again  the more the breakup is due to it. Most of the people are very emotional at the beginning of forex trading. As the beginning of love cannot be think without looking by the person who is in love, the new traders can not be without trading at the beginning. And as a result, the trade will be more mistake. Again we do not want to lose a loved one at all, we get mad at the beginning of the situation like losing, so the new traders do not want to lose at all in trade, just wants to win. So it is very important to control the emotion, whether it is in the relationship, or in the trade itself.

 Love is breakup but it is often the result of own wrong decisions. Someone we don't want to compromise, always want to win. But in order to sustain a relationship, many times many things have to be sacrificed. There are many things to accept.Only then did the relationship become more beautiful. Just like that in Forex trading. We take many wrong decisions when trading. We do not want to agree to trade with profit-loss, quarrel with the market, trading strategy and money management. Finally we have to breakup with forex trading by zeroing the account.Like relationship's patience we can trade better if we comprehend small mistakes and loss, we can correct ourselves by learning from past mistakes.

Now, two tips of Valentine's Day for Forex Traders:

Gifts: Giving gifts to loved ones on Valentine's Day has become a tradition. Needless to say, if you do not give a special gift on this day, you will see the fire-eye. So forex traders can dedicate some of their trade to gift to loved ones. That is, you can plan on giving a gift to a loved one with the benefit of certain trade. But if you are losers in those trades, then needless to say.

Less trade or do not trade on Valentine's Day:

Although there is no need for a separate day for love, every day is a day of love. But every day is no longer a special celebration. However, a separate day has been established, so this day Forex traders can give their loved ones extra time by not sitting in front of a computer monitor. It is better to do less or not trade this day. Giving time to the beloved people will bring joy and motivation to trade better.

Finally Valentine's Day,  but for everyone. Not just for lover or spouse, love day is for parents, friends, relatives, neighbors. Therefore, there is nothing to neglect the Valentine's Day  with the lover. Let's spread the love for everyone. Besides, I wish there would be a bit more love allocation for PIPSLOVER. Love for all.

litonJul 12, 2019 3:40pm

    Psycological Hard Talk About Forex    

Did you face this type of situation, as one of your trade turned into loss suddenly, or didn’t it happen, like you could get a good profit in your first trade, but next trade went to loss unexpectedly? Yes, perhaps, the answer to the above two questions is yes or positive. Normally, there will be two reasons behind this matter, you didn’t able to pick the right time for trading & in your second trade, you couldn’t able to forget your first trade memories. Or there also so many reasons. Psychologically or mentally when people do work continuously in such a good way then they have some imbalance in them & It's resulting mistakes. However, today we will discuss mainly, how important time for trading, its work pattern & how to use time in good trades. you should keep in your mind, you never avoid losses, either less or more. but we have to know that, how to keep yourself safe from big losses & do positive trades.

 Why I face loss after getting a good profit ?

If we get a profit in one trade we feel so happy, its normal matter, but after that most of the cases, traders failure to bring success like before. Yes it is psychological matter, & it's called “Dopamine.” If it is not used properly, people go back their previous addiction & made a wrong decision then they face a big loss. Its mean that, when you get a profit in one trade than you want to do more trades, your subconscious mind tells you go for trade! Go for trade! & you make an extra trade also, because you have got “Dopamine” in your brain high scale, & until the brain is high, you never understand, whether its risk, or it is safety. You will do the same thing, as the brain want, it's the normal behavior of brain. We know that, as high leverage is double- edged sword alike dopamine. It’s totally depended on you. You have to control your brain as it’s not getting change in negative wave. For this reason, you made wrong decision repeatedly by uncontrolled of dopamine, & finally you are bound to face loss.

Solutions :

 You already understand that, after profit trade, its so much easy to fall in loss in your next trade. You have to understand & control the emotion- fueled/dopamine fueled trades. We will give you some tips below how to get out from these types of loss trading :

---- Select a fixed trading standard.

---- Do not break the trading standard

---- You have to make right trading plan.

 ---- Understand the brain chemistry & execute your trade in that way.

 ---- Go for the new trade according to dopamine fueled position.

Here we discussed so many things as if you never make a same type of mistakes in your real life trading. Because There are so many good traders who fail to create a right mindset  & fall into unnecessary losses & they become frustrated for the lost of their earned profit.

MD AYUB BHUIYAN LITONJul 2, 2019 11:04pm

 Mind & brain talk each other


 ​Friends, today we will talk about our mind and brain, didn’t get my point right? OK no worry , I am telling you. The topic of our discussion is that when we are in the forex market, our mind, and brain talk each other . They share with them so many funny talks. Today's discussion with those words. It's a lot of fun, stay with us.

 Brain: I'm a forex trader. So, I have to be careful about my trading.  A  businessman is waiting for good opportunities. So, I have to wait until getting a good trade.

 Mind: Of course you are a forex trader. So, you have to forex trading continuously as much as you can. How long will you stay for a good opportunity? Now the market is going down. So do a sell trade with a big lot. If you get 8/10 pips you will get the profit of the whole month. Don’t want to tell it’s the opportunity? Why do you miss that chance?

Brain: No I have to follow the rules. I will not go for trade if it’s not in the method. Many times I have seen this types of sudden trade resulting a big loss. Even, the account becomes zero.

Mind: I don’t forbid you to follow the rules? Of course, you will do trade, when it’s in the method. Market is on the trend now. Trends are the biggest friends of us. This method is the grandfather of all the methods. You are wasting your time by talking, Because, in the meantime price go down more. You are missing out the great opportunity willingly. Think properly, all the big traders are now entering the market like crazy, and they put on sells entry as it is selling(falling) the market. Did you grow bigger than big traders?

 Brain: Oh no. , So that’s not the right decision to put on a trade without observing a good resistance?

 Mind: Good Resistance? You have lost your good fortune! Then you did not listen to me. Half of these trends were already lost, cause of your disobedience. There are still good times, wanting some profits, put on a sell entry . Just 8/10 pips do not matter with big lots. Do I want your bad ?

 Brain: Then check out a few hghir timeframe.

Mind: I understand you're trying to waste time. In High Volatile Market the major trends of higher timeframe will not give you profit? Getting 8/10 pips, are you looking for higher timeframe? Are There donkeys like you in this world apart? People will laugh to hear that !!!!

 Brain: Then keep it a little lower.

Mind: If the whole month's target is full-fill in one trade, then you don’t need to any trade rest of the month? If your trade lot little lower, then how can you get whole month profit in one trade ?

 Brain: No, It’s cant do.

 Mind: Do you Want to sit on the charts in front of the PC of the whole month?

Brain: Oh !! For forex i already forgot my friends & family. My mind also wants to chat with a friend & family.

 Mind: Then why you are delaying? Put on a high lot sell trade & take a maximum of 8-10 pips.

 Brain: ALLAH/God with me ! So let’s go for sell.. Just 8/10 pips. As the market is falling down, then it will take two minutes to hit TP (take profit).. Bismillah .... thumb (Sound of place an entry to the market) .............

Brain: Oh my almighty Allah! The market is going up! Allah! Allah what you are doing! Why does so with me! Why does the market go against me when I enter the market? Allah, Allah! Yes! Yes! Price comes back, almost near to the break even point, It has come to the break even. Yes, this has also come to profit. I got scared .... The market is just falling.

Mind: It's good to have profits. Get a little more profits, and a little of TP.

Brain: Yes, that's it. It seems to be more profits. Let's increase TP a bit more. Thumb (Sound of Modify The trade)

 Brain: Hey! ...... the price is rising again! oh! no! ....... Is there any news now? ...... Allah/God save me! Why do you do so repeatedly with me! ........ what have I done! Just a few dollars profits! Don’t want to give me? ........ Allaah-!

My dear reader, this is true scenario of 95% forex trader of the whole world. Is anyone who disagrees with this statement ???

Jun 30, 2019 11:21pm


Want to be a full time trader? You have to remind some important eleme

Want to be a full time trader?  You have to remind some important element.


There are lots of full time trader, who are involving forex market. If they are getting profit to forex market on a regular basis, many trader wants to be an full time trader. But the market condition is not the same all time. If you want to trade regularly, you have to face sometimes small losses.If you will decide to be an regular or full time trader its seems like you are ready to take risk, & you have got well preparation to deal with that risk.

 So let’s   see, in order to be a full time successful trader, what are major things you have to remember?

1. Always follow a discipline

Discipline is the most important element, who wants to be an successful trader. Left out discipline, you cant think about a full time trader. In the long run of trading, you may often take a lot of wrong decisions due to greed.Bear in mind,  Forex  is a place where you have no scope to greedy, Then you  have to be brave also. And you must have stayed in one plan or strategy.  There are no field to do  mistake in your plan.Even if you have faced any kind of loss, you can survive in the market, just by the strength of this discipline. Most of the traders who left out the market for their lossess, The main reason is that the lack of discipline.

2. Confidence will be restrained:


To be a functional full-time trader, you must have enough confidentiality on your trading system. If there is any lackings in your self-confidence level, then you will lose your decision making ability.  In that case, you may take a wrong selection.

Dont  lose your Confidence level after you have owned  a loss. Keep your focus and mind on to the market.Always keep that in your mind,  we recognise him or her as a good trader who know how to recover his loss.  And you must have carry confident level about your Loss Recovery.

3To have control over yourself :

However, you can’t control of the Forex market. But if you wish, you can control a lot of your trade decisions. If you control below mentioned things you will do well :

 1. You can control your entries.

2. You can control how to manage your trades..

3. You can control when you comes out of the market

Basically, these types of controls are part of your strastegy. So, we can say like that, you should have control over yourself!.

When you active in the market,  you have to control your emotions. If you have lost a number of trades frequently, you should not lose your control. Many trader trades more to recover their losses, but ultimately thave got a more chance to lose their valuable money.






SYED MOAHMOOD HASANJun 29, 2019 12:41am


This is a common question for new trader. How much you pay for house rent per month? Its depend on you income .like forex, investment also depends on you. My first deposit 10

dollars when I am a student. That times my ability to lose maximum 10 dollar in a month, so I   started   trading in cents account. All most three year I lose but it doesn’t create any problem in my personal life because I know my lose comfort limit.  

At the beginning of trading my account become zero most of month. So I waited for next month deposit. That time I learn risk

management. After two years I am able to tread whole month. I had a good quality, that’s I dot borrow money for trading. I had enough idea about the risk of trading. So there is no question of trading with borrowing money. It is best not to borrow money or sell a lot of money by trading. Maybe you are a student employer or business man but at the end of the month there is a calculation.  How I expend my next month?

Many times, many old traders also say, 'If I could deposit 5000 or 10000 USD,   I want to  told them that you are ready to lose this 5000 or 10000 dollar all? They said why we lose all money we are experience, if lose it will 500 or 1000 USD. This type of experience traders comfort zone only 500to 1000 USD. Why you need so many dollars?  Big Deposit is not big deal when you Trade with Leverage.  And this is the difference between an experienced and inexperienced trader. So before making a deposit, be sure   you comfort zone of lose.