Aug 18, 2019 5:12pm

How will your experience help in Forex trade?

Forex market is a risk market. From this market you will not be able to succeed if you have no real education and trading experience on trading. The trade is lost as soon as you make a trade in this market, because when you open a trade in this market, the broker's spread count becomes. But if you do not understand forex trading well then your loss may be up to the balance. So, here are some helpful tips so you can trade safely:

Share the experience:

Share your experience with other traders for trading in the Forex Market, but follow your own experience, trade strategy and personal judgment. Although you can get good trade ideas or information from an experienced trader, you are ultimately responsible for your investment decisions in trading. So take the ideas or information from the experts and take the decision to trade with your ideas. If you trade in two accounts (demo) for this, then the experienced and your trade idea will understand the difference and success.

Use proper margin:

Use the margins carefully if you want to secure your profit or success. By using the right margins, you can achieve significant profit or success. If you use margins indiscriminately, you may end up losing more than you expected. You can make better use of the margin when your position in the trade is towards success and many times you can use it to cross over from the deficit or loss in your strategy. Price will help you.

Avoid Auto-trade:

Many traders buy automated system (robots) for trading, so sometimes they get averagely profit and pay the entire loss at the time of loss. All these robots are made by human and you are also a human being, so why rely on such an auto-trader to invest in your own business without understanding it? Practice in a good broker demo account without using a robot and verify your trading experience.

Caution in picking lots:

Select an account package at a good broker to verify your trade experience and how much you expect from the trade. In this case, you must be honest and acknowledge your limitations. You should not trade large lot size at the beginning of live trade. Of course, this applies more to low leverage accounts. Generally, trading in a practice account with less risk is good for beginners. Before you invest more (lot) in trading, trade slowly at lower lots and verify your success.

If you do not have good knowledge and experience about Forex trading, and want to learn to trade correctly, then trade in a demo account or gradually learn from the live market by investing less in a live-mini account to learn the trade completely. You can get help from the This is a very easy way to gain experience without having to ask anyone.


As you increase your trading experience, you will also be able to increase the lot size of your trade and be more successful / profitable.Instead of patience and all your education and experience, you'll be able to reach your desired goals at one time. Be sure to apply your learning experience during trading.